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  • Ok maybe I was ungrateful and I didn't understand how much effort you put in this project and how hard you worked, so now I'm thanking you for everything you did and if you want the 3rd poke you can have it.
    I appreciate what you did and I was going to thank you but you kept asking for more every time we talked. will you be free in an hour?
    You are really upseting me now. If you think its not about how rare a pokemon is, then you have no idea how hard it was to get them so i'll trade genesect and one of those 2. Make your choice.
    Well genesect was a wifi event so its easy to get while meloetta and keldeo are real events. For being someone trusted here I have to say I didn't expect this from you. I feel like I'm being taken advantage of.
    No I'm not greedy, this is my final decision take it or leave it, if you want all 3 events then you have to give up rights to those chimchar or you can take 2 of those 3. Its your choice.
    We keep going back and forth, I don't know what else can i do, I told you those events are more valuable because they come from real life events they are not just any wifi events and i didn't want those in a dream ball besides i played through the whole game just to get those 2 and you only did one in a pokeball not luxury as i asked. I think what i'm offering you is more than enough.
    I'm sorry you can choose 2 of those 3 since they are IRL events and our deal was 4 chimchars.
    Ok thanks, I hope you get the jolly one but even if you don't I'll happily take the ones you already did.
    Well i wanted the adamant in a luxury ball and the jolly in a regular pokeball but nvm, mind if i ask why are you being so hostile towards me?
    Oh. Honestly I don't think you need more than a 1 stage timer for this but that's just me.
    Well if you make the time between turning on the C-Gear and reaching the message "(plater) warped to the Entralink!" as consistent as possible, you would start the timer as soon as you press A at that message. Assuming you're doing just a single stage timer.
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